I am able to offer two types of Reiki healing;

1) a Reiki healing sesssion and body talk. I will also give you any messages that your body wants you to no
2) Long Distance Reiki

Through my reiki healing I am able to connect with your body I can then feed these messsages to you. Often in the reiki session I am given signs, symbols and messages to give to you. These messages are personal to you and I will never offer medical advice, anything that is given is for you to interpret and use for your highest good and the good of others. 

I offer guidance card readings. In these card readings I can help you connect with aspects in your life you may be struggling with or perhaps your looking for answers and guidance. The cards always offer positive solutions and guidance.

I also offer  therapy in the form of assisting you, with your full participation, to work on removing blocks in you that may be stopping you from living the full lfe you desire. In this we look at your life as a whole and look to 'REIGNITE YOUR MAGIC'. We can arrange one to one sessions where we look at any areas you feel that you are not reaching your potential such as relationships, love, family, assertiveness, health, emotions, sex drive, finances etc. With the power of belief that you are willing to make positive changes we can work together to help you step back into the power and magic that you've had inside you all along. If you need help with attending a gym, yoga class or simply dont feel comfortable doing something alone I can also assist and help support you to make the positive steps towards living the life of your dreams. 

I will be offering workshops in the near future and facilitating self help groups near you and will be posting these in events section above. However if you would like to book me to facilitate a self help group or to give talks please contact me with more information. 

For consultations, pricing and availability please use the contact button above