This website and my blogs constantly change, I regularly post blogs and evolve positively so please keep yourself updated. 

Within each section there is information about what it is that I do and more information on the services available.

My blog page is where I share with you my own thoughts on various topics. My blogs relate to positive living, my life journey, mental health, and continual growth etc . I like to share my thoughts and my experiances of life through my eyes. All the topics are personal and related to my own experiences. I am currently writing my first book so being able to share my thoughts helps the creative juices flow. Its not all about energies and the universe I may even throw in the occasional beauty tip and clean eating recipe.

Above in the top tab are links to my instagram, Youtube and facebook where I am able to promote the work that I carry out.

For many of us we have forgotten our inner magic, we have gotten lost on our path and our lights are dim.

This does not have to be the case. I can help you to realign with your destiny and refuel your soul fire through positive living.

I can assist you to reignite your inner magic and shine your light outward through healing, positive living and a joint commitment to spreading love to the world.